EasyGrow makes growing plant-based food easy, relaxing, and fun.



There are plenty of people who want to grow their own food but don’t know where to start and lack confidence.

“Plant/food lovers need a way to easily grow their own food because they want quick and easy access to fresh food and ingredients.”

Problem Statement

“We believe that by creating an assistant we will achieve a more productive result for users.”


User Research

Research started with multiple user interviews. The users considered themselves beginners to gardening. The aim was to identify what the main concerns were, the pain points, and what deterred them from starting. Using a discussion guide for questions, the research explained what the main concerns were, but it also revealed how growing food is about more than just sustenance and ingredients. It also had moral worth and wellbeing aspects.

User Research Insights


Users who are new to gardening and want to grow their own produce are often lacking in confidence and want assistance, advice and reassurance on their journey.

Users find gardening and growing produce to be good for their own mental health. It gives them satisfaction and fulfilment. Users also find it good for their physical health, both in terms of nutrition and physical exercise.


Users believe gardening creates an opportunity for connecting with others. This can involve bringing people together to work collectively on the garden and share knowledge and resources , but also sharing the produce.



Competitive Analysis

The next stage of research involved analysing the competition. This included a feature comparison matrix and a design comparison. Both methods revealed not only useful features to adapt, but also a gap in the market. More specifically, the competitors all had useful features, but none of them combined all these features together to gain an advantage over the others. Furthermore, combined with the user research, none of the competitors offered features to reassure the user is on the correct path, nor do they offer any elements of mental and physical wellbeing.

The competitive analysis was helpful in both finding an opportunity with the features of the product and with visualising a UI for a gardening application.



Pinterest style forum.
Upload journey.
Ask for help.
Verify accounts and comments.
Garden layout/organisation.


Feature Prioritisation

Unlock new plants.
Help me choose.
Add notes.
Add Pictures.
A profile that shows progress and user history.
Showing each plant's stages.
Level up gaming system.
Detailed information of each plant.
A journey of each plant.
A calendar of each plant.
Maintenance tasks.

|    Minimal Viable Project    |


Visualising Features, User Flow and Site Map

Early Prototype

Key Screens & Navigation



Final Design

User Testing Tasks

User testing revealed that the product did help ease the process of growing plants. Users felt more confident and reassured. Users quickly understood the navigation of the product and found the 'Plant Details' page to be very useful. Furthermore, all users mentioned they felt satisfied completing the tasks.

However, most users found the 'Journey' page confusing and overcrowded. They also found the 'Stages' interaction somewhat confusing. Moreover, some users needed more reassurance that they were doing things correctly.