Games Design & Development

Tribes of the Cosmos is a real-time, action, role-playing game set in a haunted, science fiction world. My vision was to create a game similar to the Diablo franchise but with sci-fi and spaceship managerial features. I believe that the demand and popularity of the top-down action RPG genre, coupled with sci-fi, would make a good marketable product. I set out, with a team of two other game developers, to make a prototype.

My role was to lead and direct the project with regular meetings on discord and managing through Jira and GitLab. In terms of actual game design and development, I designed the systems that were needed for this game, including the inventory, health and NPC systems, along with level design, UI, UX, and artwork.

Untitled RTS Project. This is a real time strategy game I started during the COVID pandemic. This project was a good learning experience for me as I started going deeper into designing systems and creating them through C#. I successfully created a system in which the user could select multiple units and order them to collect materials such as wood. This would be reflected in the UI via the selection sprite and the resources interface at the top of the screen.

Dark Existence is a first person horror game. I was responsible for the artwork. Using Unity, I was able to capture a good shot that represented the feel of the game. I edited the shot within Photoshop and created a text logo for the game. These graphics were then used to create all the assets required by Steam.