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I'm Gimo Zangana.
A Product designer, UX designer, illustrator and graphic designer based in London.

I’m confident with the UX process, applying the latest techniques in critical analysis, research methodologies, understanding and solving problems, gathering, interpreting, and adapting to data, information architecture, design, prototyping and communicating concepts. I’m also aware of some of the latest developments such as the psychology of the user and intrinsic web design.

I look forward to meeting and working with others in the creative sector, along with growing my skills and interests.

I believe the UX process can be used to help tackle some of the big issues we face throughout the world. Issues such as ecological degradation, social justice, economic inequality and wellbeing lie close to my heart. As a graduate in international relations I have a critical insight on future trends and how they could affect the user journey. For example, understanding historical, sociological, political and psychological factors can help explain how the market, state, and social institutions operate and influence individual experiences.

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Case Study • 2019
This personal project identified the need for an app that helps beginners grow plant-based food such as vegetables, fruits and herbs. Research found that growing plant-based food not only helps with costs and ingredients but is also good for mental and physical wellbeing and environmental care. Through competitive analysis I was able to design a unique user journey fully focused on the process of growing food with a reduction of anxiety and stress.

Graphics and Illustrations

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I have been drawing and designing in my spare time for over ten years. Being creative has always been important to me and I always enjoy producing something new. Most of my creative work has involved contributing to a cause I am very passionate about. Being of Kurdish background, I feel it is important for me to raise awareness on Kurdish issues through my art and design. This has involved producing posters, logos, pamphlets, infographics, banners and illustrations.